We are researching a common theme for all humanity throughout the world.
Can the people live young & beautifully?
We propose various beauty regimens that specialize in beauty.

ようこそ! アテナバイオ研究所へ 《Welcome to Athena bio lab》

“Athena” is a name taken from the God of intelligence and knowledge, who also maintain its beauty. The reason is quite simple; beauty is not achieved by the outward appearance, but through combination of the inner and mental health. This is organized and controlled by the “brain”, or intelligence.

Athena Group is a leading preventative medical institute working to maintain the health and beauty through rejuvenation of the cell, also activating the brain.
Athena Group is a preventative medical institute, working to constantly “activate” the brain and maintaining “beauty” through cell rejuvenation while remaining a “healthy” body.